Disc Brake Grinding

Originally purchased for saw and cutter production our ARTER rotary surface grinder is a two-ton relic, but highly accurate. Because he could, some years ago Nick Woodbury fashioned the bits needed to resurface brake discs and clutch parts for our personal bikes, and the people who saw this work asked for more. Our prices are probably higher and if not, they should be. We carefully prep each part before flood grinding to a clean finish, and take less material doing it. Out niche’ is vintage discs and we can repair most up to 350mm. Also available is custom drilling and paint, at additional cost. Note: The manufacture’s minimum thickness measurement is strictly observed. Pre-paid shipping preferred.

One disc: $100.00
Two discs: $175.00
Three discs: $275.00

Archive Material for Purchase

Woodbury Moto Media is supported by many thousands of digital files, period road tests, factory adverts and other hard copy items. We’re adding new bits all the time, so if you have a need for quality, hi-res images or factory information, please contact us. Have period literiture to share or sell? We may not have what you’re looking for, but might have something you can use. Please contact for rates and availability.

Nolan Woodbury/Cherokee Saw & Tool
265 S. 1st. Street
Coolidge, AZ 85128

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