Woodbury Moto Media was founded by yours truly Nolan Woodbury; long time Arizona resident and the youngest of four brothers. Leo and Joy moved the family from frosty Iowa into the desert early 1966, possessions packed all over dad’s ’61 Electra and a Harley Knucklehead in tow. Within a short time our family-owned cutting tool business was established, and that proved a handy mix with our strong motorcycle appetite. Proud of my family and its 65-year history of fabrication, the lessons learned inside those walls proved critical to the journals I’ve written.

Encouraged to read, I became enamored with Gordon Jennings, and through him the decades of excellence and inspiration displayed by Cycle magazine editors Cook Neilson and Phil Schilling. Dave Minton, Bruno de Prato and others opened other continents, and the desire to express my own words was only rivaled by the desire for my favored machine. I’ve found a home on the Moto Guzzi brand and the investment holds fast, but not at the expense of other interests. The whole of motorcycling history holds many amazing stories, and I delight in picking them out.

In September of 2019 Merry Lucero became Mrs. Merry Moreno-Woodbury I have hopes Merry’s wizardry as a scribe and editor will improve our content, but demand (FOX News, Kim Komando Show) for her services is high. I’m also joined by my son Alex Woodbury, who parlays his gift with wrenches, camera and keyboard into striking results. So. Cal racer Bill Ross has been here from the start, in between tending his bird farm and building record-breaking Guzzis. Our goal is entertaining content and history researched, reaffirmed then reported. With a personal twist.

Nolan Woodbury

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