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State of the Union – 2022

From bargain basement prices to record-settling auction profits, vintage motorcycle values are all over the map right now. Most everyone who follows the market will recognize the iconic models, but some are appreciating more quickly than others and there’s no telling when that might take some prospective buyers out of the game. Some of the bikes in this report are sure bets while others fly under the radar, but for the vintage rider good options remain.    

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Charles Krajka/Moto Guzzi 850 racer in B&W is a sample from our collection on the legendary French tuner. Study on the first Guzzi racing twins continues. Is Kawasaki 1000J the best Zed? Featured soon. Old film of Ducati 750GT from NW’s Euro superbikes book. Ride a classic? Read RealClassic!

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“In less than a year the FZ‘s footing atop the 750cc mountain slipped at the advent of Suzuki’s lightweight GSX-R750. As a big fan of the Suzuki, I assumed urban legend was correct and the FZ was simply another step on the Gizzer’s rise to the podium. But the FZ winning the Castrol Six-Hour in both 1985 and 1986 gives some room for pause, as does the head on comparison published in Cycle Guide’s April 1986 issue: “Some sixty-pounds heavier then its more spartan rival, the FZ recorded faster sprints, faster roll-ons and faster top-end figures (nearly equal in fact, to the FJ1200) all while giving the race bred GSX-R750 all it could handle on the track” –Nolan Woodbury Vintage Motorcycles Online 2012

UK based Joe Caruso is a long time Moto Guzzi enthusiast dedicated to improving the vintage twin (and our not-so-vintage 1100 Sport) with modern materials and technology. Through engineering his own parts for Moto Guzzi racers, restorations and special projects, Joe is now offering a select number of these highly developed specialty items. Made to order. Email: