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Type: Agostini V1000 Le Mans III

Sold new and likely tuned in Australia, ‘importer’ spec V1000 Guzzis are a rare sight, and especially in this condition. Offered early in March 2021, this example shows plenty of Agostini’s early-1980s catalog – note (one-piece) fairing, tailpiece/seat, and Duilio’s patented rearsets. Hints of what’s inside are given by the racing (tickler) Dellorto 40mm carbs, usually paired with Agostini’s 88mm piston cylinder kit, CR gearbox, porting, P3 cam and geared timing. Still up for viewing on eBay here, the owner has sent a full photo docket for inclusion into the V1000 Le Mans series found in our feature stories. Stay tuned!        

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Two-part Guzzi ‘T-Series for RC includes Billoni’s recently redone Strada 1000 – the last Tonti standard. NW owned this black Daytona 900 for nine-years, and now it’s back. Getting closer…stay tuned. Upcoming at Woodbury Media; Eckert Honda, Research in progress. Ride a classic? Read RealClassic!

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“For riders who appreciate fine fabrication and view spartan accoutrements as the defining nature of a true high performance motorcycle, the Egli is certain to appeal. Sadly tagged as a toy for the affluent, the Egli’s price reflected the time, skill, materials and dedication needed for this specification. All too often and certainly in this case “high price” reflects a common misconception. The truth of it reveals the Egli was a bargain, especially considering the heritage attached to the maker’s name. That profound performance inspired endless copies and mainstream production, evidenced by John Bloor’s early Triumph triples and fours.” Nolan Woodbury

UK based Joe Caruso is a long time Moto Guzzi enthusiast dedicated to improving the vintage twin (and our not-so-vintage 1100 Sport) with modern materials and technology. Through engineering his own parts for Moto Guzzi racers, restorations and special projects, Joe is now offering a select number of these highly developed specialty items. Made to order. Email: