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BSA A65 Lightning Clubman

One of only 200 produced in 1965 BSA’s 650 PR joins a host of exotics from England’s glory years.


Print Media

Now historic, Suzuki’s GS1000  is even better in 1000S trim. Slated for an upcoming issue of RC. Check the May and June 2019 issues of RealClassic for both parts of Nolan Woodbury’s special report “Missing link” covering the nearly forgotten V1000 Agostini/DMB Le Mans. An overview will be published here soon. Also soon in RC is a personal perspective on BMW’s R75/5 German wunderbike; made for the road. Ride a classic? Read RealClassic!

Random Links

“On the road that BMW elegance is felt more than it is seen, even with this machine’s stiffened suspensions and extra honk. At speed the 980cc twin hums a medium baritone, and when everything is right no horizon seems too distant. Promoted in 70s adverts against Asian invaders riders were boldly challenged; “Are you as serious about motorcycling as BMW?” but a sizeable investment was needed to qualify…” (“Unsung Superbike” by Nolan Woodbury RealClassic, July 2018)