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32nd Annual Mecum Las Vegas Vintage Motorcycle Auction

From the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada January 25-28, over 2000 machines are reportedly on offer for the 2023 edition. Log into Mecum’s website with your email and follow the results live or online!    

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(Mecum Las Vegas 2023! Among thousands more, sold at auction at the South Point Hotel and Casino is a deep list of vintage and classic BMWs, even a R32. 1952 R68 wears a ISDT exhaust, or deal for this rusty R75/5. 4v MKM Krauser too! Go to and register with your email. Ride a classic? Read RealClassic!

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“From 1952-1954, the R68 was BMW’s first post-war sports model Based on the touring R67/2 it was tuned to compete with Britain’s faster twins with bigger valves, more cam, compression, carb size, advance, a special exhaust and a stronger crankshaft. Promoted as ‘The 100-mph Motorcycle’ BMW’s R68 only trailed the Vincent for cross-country speed”

(Early Superbikes Part II)

UK based Joe Caruso is a long time Moto Guzzi enthusiast dedicated to improving the vintage twin (and our not-so-vintage 1100 Sport) with modern materials and technology. Through engineering his own parts for Moto Guzzi racers, restorations and special projects, Joe is now offering a select number of these highly developed specialty items. Made to order. Email: