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Bombed in Ukraine

Traveling to war torn Mykolaiv on assignment, journalist Neale Bayly and photographer Kiran Ridle witness an extraordinary sight. Known for its toughness, this Soviet-cloned Vjatka copied the popular Vespa and served its owner for 57-years. Buried under the rubble, it defiantly emerges without a scratch to ride another day.

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(Left) Guzzi’s Le Mans in all black is rare…but two? The 1000CI (left) is factory, the CX-100 isn’t. Some nice material on Kawasaki’s vastly underrated 1000J (center) has been collected. Look for it after Early Superbikes part 2, which includes this timeless Ariel roadster. Ride a classic? Read RealClassic!

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“Some have reported Guzzi owner De Tomaso would give engineers Tonti and Todero ‘special projects’ to keep them occupied, but investments made restoring Mandello’s wind tunnel prove the SP1000 wasn’t busywork. Tonti saw the future in BMW’s R100RS, but it doesn’t take long to realize the SP1000 took a vastly different path to arrive at the BMW’s location. At first glance one might conclude the slabish SP can’t match that RS style, but the Guzzi’s close fitting body shields the rider while creating stabilizing down-force. More than worth the lost style points. It works, and in real world application, the Italian thoroughbred bettered the German by being lower, tougher, and tighter at speed.” Nolan Woodbury, RealClassic Magazine 2016.

UK based Joe Caruso is a long time Moto Guzzi enthusiast dedicated to improving the vintage twin (and our not-so-vintage 1100 Sport) with modern materials and technology. Through engineering his own parts for Moto Guzzi racers, restorations and special projects, Joe is now offering a select number of these highly developed specialty items. Made to order. Email: