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Ducati 900SS Desmo

It was a decade like no other, beginning with Honda’s game changing 750 then followed by a succession of unforgettable superbike standouts. One of the most magical of all came in 1975 – a rawboned, road hawking, pure sports 900 L-twin with kick-start, Desmo valves and a decided lack of creature comforts. Meet Ducati’s legendary 900 Super Sport; an unchanging force in what was a constantly evolving era.

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Read more about this Rickman Kawasaki in the 2021 Mecum auction report. It sold for $6060 and you won’t find another that cheap. Also featured is this Bol d’Or 1000F2. It went for pennies on the dollar. Hope I get another chance. Guzzi T-Series p2 for RC underway. Ride a classic? Read RealClassic!

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“A rumored 200-off Magni Lemans 1000 models were produced between 1986 and 1989, which means there’s slim chance you’ll ever see one, unless mingling with the elite at the Hotel Berchtesgaden or some other posh Alpine resort. Praised by tester Bruno De Prato for its stability and its sensitive input, the focus plainly falls on the Parallelogramo swingarm with dual u-joint driveshaft that relieves binding when not in alignment. Simply concluding the Magni Lemans 1000 as “a world apart”, De Prato included the slashing red 1000 on a very short list of the best handling motorcycles available in 1986.” Nolan Woodbury

UK based Joe Caruso is a long time Moto Guzzi enthusiast dedicated to improving the vintage twin (and our not-so-vintage 1100 Sport) with modern materials and technology. Through engineering his own parts for Moto Guzzi racers, restorations and special projects, Joe is now offering a select number of these highly developed specialty items. Made to order. Email: