Screw Your PoliticsOctober 2020

Delivered in a short burst, I was once informed by an old riding pal that if he ever saw political pressure on my social media, he’d unfriend me. Maybe you had to be there, but by setting this example Ron was saying our friendship was more important to him than arguments, agreements, or conditions. Thus, the idea for Screw Your Politics was hatched, delivered with equal measures of care and respect. As it is for everything – especially operating a motorcycle, what we do means far more than what we say. Or type. Rewriting what was written in 2016 this is not a political stand. It’s the free speech that I value most, and added to a long list of sins, the censorship demonstrated by the US media is the last straw and that, along with the bias, will destroy it. Cause of death? Lack of credibility. Perfection is not always attainable, but honesty surely is.

News can only be meaningful if the objective is fair, factual reporting. It isn’t easy. Be it Beirut or BSA, when the message is untrue or inaccurate the words leave stains impossible to remove completely. Real journalists learn from their mistakes and press on, ever thankful for those humbling lessons. That’s crazy talk in today’s arrogant, agenda driven media, where hate disguised as news floods the unprepared with panic. Screw your politics if the innocent mixed in with your collateral damage is deemed acceptable – a necessary evil to reach the desired outcome. Never in my lifetime has honor been so blatantly trampled and destruction so widely celebrated, forcing me to conclude the intellectual elite an enemy of freedom. Many reading these words online might consider the millions who might like to, but cannot. Our privilege was not free.

Besides my dad, it was David Traxler who emerged later in life as a mentor, teacher and friend. One point of emphasis was the danger of overcooking things, so I’ll declare this rant over. From that same source came a unique challenge known as the two laws; One, do all you agree to. Two, respect others and their property. Easy to say, difficult to practice and failure is not an option, it’s a certainty. Truly, this journey has provided a bounty of understanding and appreciation. Valuing what is right over who is right is liberating, and the quest for excellence is the key in keeping passion alive. The basic exchange of ideas is impossible when we’re told what to think, and trouble will come when the movement runs across someone who knows how. Where is it written that we all must agree, or else? Hasn’t history taught us that lesson enough?

As a practicing moto-hack, I’m content to return to the studies of motorcycling and the incredible people responsible for it. Knowing what could happen if we’re not, staying informed on current and world events is a wise plan, but it consumes many. Therefore, I’m grateful for the workshop and its restorative qualities. Here, the facts are never doubted. Regardless of the topic, any historical deep dive will result in stories of strife, determination, victory and loss. All a part of the human condition. Those heroes of the past never gave up or gave in – even if success proved elusive. Actions shape character. Tomorrow’s inspiration is born today, so let’s make sure we give that generation something worth remembering. Nolan Woodbury

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